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An estimated 6% of all houses in the UK suffer from damp problems, causing havoc when trying to sell or rent out your property. But more importantly, according to the NHS it can be extremely dangerous for your health to live in a home with mold and damp. Damp walls, floors and ceilings can smell, be unsightly and trigger allergic reactions.

Damp comes in a variety of forms, all of which our experienced Hampshire based damp specialists have experience with. If you think you might have a damp problem, don’t wait as it will not fix itself and could end up costing you a lot more if left untreated.  reactions.

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Here are the types of damp commonly found in homes…

01. Condensation In The Home

This is the most common type of damp found in homes. It usually appears as dark spots towards the tops of walls, around windows and doors and on ceilings. 

How can you fix damp from condensation?

In most cases this can be eradicated by using a dehumidifier and repainting, but in particularly bad cases can need a specialist.

If you have any concerns, would like a damp proofing survey or just want some friendly advice, leave us a message and we will get back to you.

02. Penetrating Damp Problems

Penetrating damp can be caused by leaking gutters and downpipes, damaged brickwork, joints or seals and even ceiling leaks. Generally caused by structural problems, penetrating damp can appear in many ways, at any height and with differing effects. For this reason, it is important to get a professional damp surveyor to assess your property. 

Some signs of penetrating damp include damaged plasterwork or walls, persistent random damp patches, mould growth forming on walls, smells, and timber damage which can lead to wet rot or dry rot.

How can you fix Penetrating Damp?

There are two parts to fixing damp walls and ceilings. First is to fix the root cause, which can quite often be more difficult when it comes to penetrative damp. Luckily our experts have seen thousands of instances of penetrative damp across Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester over the past 25 years, so you won’t find anyone better for the job. One the root cause is fixed, there will need to be remedial work, which quite similarly to rising damp will comprise of waterproof plastering and either a damp proofing injection or membrane. 

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03. Rising Damp Problems

Rising damp is caused by damaged or bridged Damp Proof Course (DPC), or in some cases, the lack of DPC at all. Without this, ground water can rise up through your masonry as far as 3 feet up your wall. Quite different in appearance from condensation damp, rising damp usually just looks wet, but can have white traces as mineral salts are carried up the walls from the ground and can turn green and moldy too. 

Rising damp is more common in older buildings, but can even appear in newer builds. Damp problems are prevalent across the south coast, but in particular Portsmouth, Gosport and other coastal towns and villages with older buildings are known to suffer. 

How can you fix Rising Damp?

Rising damp is something that should only be addressed by a specialist. Our Damp Expert would need to assess the problem to identify the right course of action. We offer surveys starting at £50, which are free if you decide to use us to carry out the work. 

Solutions include a specialist chemical injected Damp Proof Course or use of a Damp Proof Membrane to control the damp, followed by re-plastering using a waterproof mixture to resolve any damage to the walls and enable you to decorate on a smooth, clean surface.