Woodworm And Woodrot

Woodworm and Rot Treatment Hampshire and Southampton Expert treatment for woodworm in your property

If you’ve spotted holes in the timber work in your home, you may need treatment for woodworm. We are experts in woodworm and rot treatment Hampshire and offer a range of services in woodworm and rot treatment Hampshire. These holes are formed by the larvae of small beetles that feed and breed on your wood work. They can be very damaging to your home and if left untreated can reek havoc with the structural integrity of your home.

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Discuss identifying and treatment for woodworm and let our experts have your home rid of it’s unwanted guests!

A dry rot problem can destroy a home, don’t let it!

Dry rot problems cause widespread structural damage to your home without you even realising. Our dry rot specialist can identify your dry rot problem and advise you on how to fix it.

Identifying dry rot can be difficult. Here’s a few indicators that you may have a dry rot problem: